TriYoga Classes for Runners!

TriYoga Classes for Runners 

 Saturdays 8:30am 

Focus on postures that free the pelvis from the legs, releasing the posterior thighs and quadriceps. These flowing and held postures also strengthen and release tension from the ankles, feet and toes. This is an excellent way to balance strength with flexibility. 
Some upper body strengthening movements and balancing poses are included and the class ends with a deep relaxation. Join your running friends and let go into the flow. 

Fee is $116 for the 8-week session, or drop in for $18 a class. Joining after session begins is welcomed and the session fee is adjusted.

 Davis Holistic Health Center 
1403 Fifth St, 95616

TriYoga Davis is partnering with Fleet Feet Davis to spread the word about how yoga can help athletes in their endeavors---running, biking, walking, skiing. 
Fleet Feet promotes our programs and offers special early sale access and other promotions for our yoga students in their store at 615 Second Street. Please support them when you can.

What is TriYoga?

Kaliji, TriYoga founder and master yogini, on a California
beach in Extended Raised Runner Asana

What are the aspects of TriYoga? Founded by yogini Kali Ray, this systematic method includes the full spectrum of traditional yoga practices. TriYoga's hatha yoga method, TriYoga Flows, is the union of postures, breath, and focus—that is asana, pranayama, and mudra. By the nature of its origin, this practice is deeply meditative, promoting relaxation and inner peace. The method is as therapeutic and gentle or as challenging as desired because the flows are systematized by level. Students may progress from basics to advanced levels increasing their flexibility, strength, endurance, and knowledge of the flows.
These flowing posture sequences, integrated with the controlled breath and focused mind, give profound benefits to those who practice regularly. By bringing these benefits into one's daily life, greater physical, mental, and spiritual prosperity is attained. The music of Mercury Max is integral to TriYoga's meditative and therapeutic environment. Master vocalist, musician, and composer, Mercury is a true Nada Yogi, one whose music heals through the vibration of sound.

TriYoga Flows unite breath and mind with the precise natural alignments of flowing and sustained postures. The flow sequences are systematized by level, ranging from basic to advanced (Basic-Level 5). The student is advised to begin with Basics, building strength, flexibility and endurance, then progressing, when ready, to subsequent levels. Through sustained awareness in the practice, the life energy flows, heals, and transforms.

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