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Class Schedule and Descriptions 

In June and July our sessions are 4-weeks long - $58

Fee: Only $18 Drop-In

$116 for an Eight-Class Session (save $28 when you buy 8)
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June Session 4- weeks
Day           Time        Name of Class
Tuesdays 5:30pm    Level 1 with Basic Level modifications

Thursdays 8:00am   Level 1

Thursdays 7:30pm   Basic Level

Saturdays 8:30am   Introduction to TriYoga Basic Level

Yes, our classes are limited in number. We offer quality over quantity. If you want to be in the hands of experienced teachers who have been studying yoga and how to teach it for years, FIND us! It is worth it.

Two Locations:
Tuesday classes will be at The Pence Gallery, 212 D Street.
Thursday and Saturday classes will be at the Davis Holistic Health Center, 1403 Fifth St, Davis, 95616

 New Time for Tuesday evening class: 5:30pm

By the way, we have mats and all the other props you will need.


Meditation 101 =  Basic Level Prana Vidya is Repeated Mondays in June- Preregistration is required.

Learn how simple breathing practices, and focused visualization can prepare the mind for meditation. Doing the breathing and concentrating the mind is the work. Meditation is the result.

This way of preparing the mind before actually beginning the meditation is yet another gift of the TriYoga method. Join the four-week session Prana Vidya class starting Mondays, from May 2 to 23.
Fee: $40 for 4-week session.

Introduction to TriYoga Basics - Learn how the trinity of postures, rhythmic breathing and focus in the TriYoga practice builds strength, flexibility and releases stress.This is for those new to the method and for those who want a greater understanding of how to apply the practices daily to feel more vitality, health and happiness.

Basics - For those new to TriYoga and for those who want to strengthen their core alignments, Basics is the necessary foundation for all classes. It is also a complete practice in itself. Bolsters, pillows and other props can be used in all levels to ensure comfort and alignment.

Level 1 to 5 - Each level includes five series that gradually progress to teach all the postures of that level. Beginning with Basics, each level is a prerequisite for the next level. Currently Levels Basics through Level 2 classes are available.

Mixed-Level - Though each level (B-5) includes five series that gradually progress to teach all the postures of that level, this class offers flows from Basics through Level 2. A knowledge of Level 1 is recommended. In the systemization of each level and series the student prepares for the next as flexibility, strength, endurance, and knowledge of the flows increase.  In the mixed level class Kamala will give options of sequences for Levels 1 and 2. A Natural Alignment component will be added for an in-depth understanding of alignment, correct use of props, and the benefits of the postures.

TriYoga for Runners and Others - Focus on postures that free the hips, bring flexibility to quads and posterior thighs to protect the spine, the knees, ankles and feet. Increase core strength to support running. Regular practice improves balance and improves lung capacity through yogic breathing practices. Feel relaxation in action. 

Pranayama, Mudra and Meditation, known in our lineage as Prana Vidya 
The knowledge of life-energy, Prana Vidya includes the trinity of breathing sequences, concentration techniques and meditation. Presented systematically, these practices develop better health, mental clarity and inner peace.

Chair Yoga - NOT JUST FOR SENIORS!  Take a seat and use simple movements to stretch your body from head to toes.  You don’t need to be a senior to benefit from this class! Those who want to improve their flexibility and those recovering from illness, injury or surgery---and people wanting to increase their strength in a systematized and safe way will benefit.

Yoga for Golf- Increase flexibility, balance, strength and concentration to improve your game. Refine your posture, maintain relaxation in action and remain in the present moment.

TriYoga Summer Camp (July) - Feel the changes  in your body, mind and spirit during a week-long program that offers you a yoga practice or sadhana five days in a row! This complete TriYoga practice will include postures, deep relaxation, breathing practices, control of senses, concentration and meditation and more.

Immersion Program- For those who wish to deepen their understanding of the TriYoga Flows and for those who want to teach TriYoga. This program includes Basic and Level 1 flows, TriYoga principles, guided deep relaxation, yogic breathing, focus (mudra), meditation, kirtan, intro to Sanskrit language, partner stretch, excerpts from the Indian Epic Ramayana and more. Guest contributors will provide lessons on vedic chanting, conversational sanskrit, discussion of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and a visit from another TriYoga instructor.  Includes one additional complementary TriYoga class per week. Great value!

Pre-Natal -A Yoga practice teaches one to listen deeply to the body’s intuitive wisdom. Prenatal practices place emphasis on a meditative mind so that body and breath awareness increases. Each session includes traditional yoga postures with a special focus on the needs of the pregnant woman. Gentle breathing practices, guided deep relaxation, concentration techniques and meditation make a complete practice. These healing and balancing techniques relax the body and mind, allowing the experience of relaxation-in-action, which in turn gives support for pain management, prenatal bonding and the tools to work within one’s capacity.

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