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Yoga Davis is going on Sabattical Jan 2011-Dec 2011

Kamala will be using a sabbatical leave to intensify her studies in TriYoga Flows, Yoga Philosopy, Sanskrit Language during the upcoming year and won't be teaching during this time. She will return with much more knowledge and inspiration to offer her students in 2012.

  • 108 Earth Series Workshop, Sunday Dec 19, 1-4pm. A complete TriYoga flow incorporating almost all of the Level 1 postures and transitions. This workshop is followed by a yoga nidra, pranayama and meditation. Then chai and treats! Join us for the last program that Kamala will teach before she begins her sabbatical leave. Tuition is $45 and payable to Kamala. To reserve your space use paypal from our Registration and Contact Us icon or email or call 756-1555 and send check to 945 K Street, Davis, 95616. Location to be announced.

  • Keren will offer a Seven-week Tuesday Series of Basic/Level 1, beginning on January 11 at 7pm at the Pence Gallery. Participants will register for the seven week series and a minimum number of students is required. Register on line at our Registration and Contact Us icon. Registration and commitment for this series is due by December 17. Why not do this now, so you needn't remember to do it later?

  • We are also planning a Yoga Davis TriYogi Pot Luck for early March 2011(-just after the vegan cooking workshop). We hope there will be some yummy dishes to share that were learned at the Vegan Lifestyle Workshop. Check this website for date and details forthcoming.

Take a workkshop with Kali Ray in Santa Cruz

November 19-21 at the Kali Ray TriYoga Center in Santa Cruz. this TriYogathon includes a basic Level flow on Friay from 7-10 and Saturday a Level 1&2 flow. Sunday afternoon is the Level 2&3.
Sign up on the TriYoga website.

November Retreat

TriYoga Retreat
with Senior TriYoga Instructors Kamala and Kashi in Sonoma November 12-14

Join Kamala and Kashi at the lovely Westebecke Retreat Center for a rejuvenating weekend of TriYoga Flows, pranayama, meditation, chanting, walking and delicious vegetarian food. All levels are welcome. You'll come back refreshed, smiling and ready to tackle all that you want to accomplish!

Fee includes meals, and the entire program with two TriYoga teachers guiding and assisting. Fee is $450. Payable by check to Devi Yoga Center.

Print flyer and registration form

To see more about the center and the retreat details:

Coming in early 2014: Stay Tuned!

Kaliji, TriYoga founder and master yogini, on a California
 beach in Extended Raised Runner Asana

  • Yoga Sutras
  • Introduction to Sanskrit
  • Prana Vidya

What is TriYoga?

What are the aspects of TriYoga?  Founded by yogini Kali Ray, this systematic method includes the full spectrum of traditional yoga practices. TriYoga's hatha yoga method, TriYoga Flows, is the union of postures, breath, and focus—that is asana, pranayama, and mudra. By the nature of its origin, this practice is deeply meditative, promoting relaxation and inner peace. The method is as therapeutic and gentle or as challenging as desired because the flows are systematized by level. Students may progress from basics to advanced levels increasing their flexibility, strength, endurance, and knowledge of the flows.

These flowing posture sequences, integrated with the controlled breath and focused mind, give profound benefits to those who practice regularly. By bringing these benefits into one's daily life, greater physical, mental, and spiritual prosperity is attained. The music of Mercury Max is integral to TriYoga's meditative and therapeutic environment. Master vocalist, musician, and composer, Mercury is a true Nada Yogi, one whose music heals through the vibration of sound.

TriYoga Flows unite breath and mind with the precise natural alignments of flowing and sustained postures. The flow sequences are systematized by level, ranging from basic to advanced (Basic-Level 5). The student is advised to begin with Basics, building strength, flexibility and endurance, then progressing, when ready, to subsequent levels. Through sustained awareness in the practice, the life energy flows, heals, and transforms.

To learn more about Kali Ray and TriYoga visit their website at:

TriYoga for Equestrians Fundraiser

Friday, May 21st 
7:15 - 8:30 pm

This class will focus on wonderful hip and leg stretches as well as gentle strengthening postures that will assist with your equitation.  Come discover how a TriYoga practice can improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and focus in and out of the saddle. 

All Ages, Levels, and non-Equestrians Welcome

The Fundraiser will be held at:
1403 5th Street

$10 suggested Donation
All Proceeds go towards the care of PORSCHE, Pine Trails Ranch’s entry in the HELP (Honoring Equines for Life Project) Rescue Me Trainer Showcase, sponsored by the Grace Foundation of Northern California
yoga mats and props provided but feel free to bring your own mat

Meet our certified teachers!

About Our TriYoga Teachers

Kendra, Kamala and Rose, TriYoga Davis Instructors
They'll put you at ease placing props and giving alignment cues to help you 'let go into the flow'.
Their students feel relaxed and are smiling---during and after classes.

Kamala Paul, a senior teacher on the staff of TriYoga International, has been teaching this form of yoga called Kali Ray TriYoga® since 1991. She is certified in four levels of this method.

She has a certification in Integrated Yoga Therapy and is a member (at the 500 hour level) in the Yoga Alliance, an organization set up to standardize the qualifications of yoga instructors in the US. Kamala has studied with and been honored to be a student of Kaliji since 1987.

Kamala has taught regular TriYoga classes, workshops and teacher training programs in yoga studios, health clubs, for city parks and recreation departments, hospital wellness programs, cardiac rehab programs and inside corporations in the Silicon Valley. She has taught in various locations within the US, in Australia and mostly in Santa Cruz and San Francisco before moving to Davis in 2002.

She is currently teaching in her home studio, at The Pence Gallery and at the Davis Holistic Health Center. Kamala teaches specialized private group classes to several local organizations.

In Davis, Kamala teaches basics through advanced classes. She welcomes both beginners and long-time yoga practitioners to start the TriYoga method with the Basics Level Class, the introductory level.

Kendra W. Williams

Kendra has been studying TriYoga with Kamala since 2002. She and our other TriYoga Davis teacher, Rose Loveall Sales, were Kamala's first students in Davis.
Kendra was certified as a Basics Level TriYoga Teacher by Kali Ray, the founder of TriYoga and we are very glad to welcome her teaching on Thursday evenings at 7:30 and Saturdays 8:30am at the Davis Holistic Health Center. Students may join this class at any time and will be in good hands with Kendra. Her calming voice, humor, kindness and knowledge make the class a healing, relaxing and fun experience. Check it out!

Rose Loveall has been studying yoga for many years and TriYoga since 2002.
Rose was certified to teach this method of TriYoga in 2009 and teaches our class, TriYoga for Graduate Students and TriYoga for Runners and Others, Basics and Level 1 TriYoga classes in Davis and in Vacaville. Rose is a grower of and teaches about herbs, perennial and vegetable garden plants. She finds the practice and teaching of TriYoga Flows to be a wonderful way to manage her very busy schedule, including owning and managing Morning Sun Herb Farm.

Upcoming Workshop

May 23 TriYoga Flows- All Levels
1-4pm at Kamala's home studio.
Fee is $45. Register and pay on-line at our registration page or email or call Kamala. 530 756 1555.

All are welcome! This workshop of flowing asanas will free the spine and hips, build strength and flexibility and finish with a deep relaxation, followed by a period of breathing and meditation. You will feel great during and after this workshop lead by Kamala Paul. Stay for a while after to chat and have tea!
The location is Kamala's home studio. Details given when you register.

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