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Welcome to 'Meet Our Students'
We'll introduce a TriYoga Davis student once in a while. Today I am happy to introduce
Tulips in Paris by Wiete Ter Haar
Wiete Ter Haar.

“About ten years ago, I was often picking up my wife from her TriYoga class which Kamala was teaching that winter in the gym of the local school. Usually the class went past the official end time, and when she saw me waiting outside in the dark, Kamala invited me in. Since then I have taken TriYoga with Kamala, Rose or Kendra in various forms and locations, usually once or twice every week. 

What I like best about TriYoga is its emphasis on breathing and relaxation while I am at the same time exercising my whole body. To me it's meditation in movement, enforcing my meditation practice and keeping me in good shape physically. Although I have taken classes at several levels I prefer to always go back to the beginning level, as I have no desire to do the more challenging positions. I want to deepen my current level. 

During my professional life TriYoga provided me with a much needed oasis of quiet exercise in a busy, sometimes frantic existence. Since my retirement a year ago, I spend more time with family and friends, traveling to visit (grand) children in far flung places and also at the easel where I have fun with paint. 
Wiete and Emmit

Wherever I go, TriYoga goes with me, and whenever I am back in Davis I return for a refresher course. Kamala, Kendra and Rose always have good suggestions to improve my practice.” 

I have admired Wiete’s art pieces and asked him if I could share one here. He graciously agreed and sent me a photo of one. Isn't "Tulips in Paris" marvelous? I think there should be a show of his work! Any art gallery curators in the audience?

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