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Doing Yoga more than once a week gives tremendous benefits!

Why do yoga multiple times per week? When we asked our students they said:
"I would recommend 2 or more classes a week to anyone, even a beginner like me. I find it is easier to remember the flows, both in terms of actual memory and muscle memory. I appreciate having at least one class during the work work because it helps a lot with stress reduction. I also think doing 2 classes per week sets the stage for getting to 3 times a week because I just have to do one session on my own to reach that goal. It is also nice to do the classes at different times of day to the get different benefits regarding energy levels and sound sleep." M.B.

"After each session I always feel better, better stamina, flexibility, balance, and relaxation.  Also, it's a good break from daily activities, helps clear the mind and gain perspective, maintain posture and mitigate the effects of repetitive activities, and work off any stress.  Two classes vs. one per week enhances these effects, helping to maintain body, mind, and attitude." M.D.

"I attend yoga classes 1-2 times a week and do some flows at home other days as my schedule allows. I find that doing yoga more than once a week has many benefits.  My body seems to be stronger, more flexible and I have less “old age” pain.  The flows and breathing improve much more with multiple classes and I more easily am able to transition to a state of well-being.  After nights when sleep has evaded me, a session of yoga is rejuvenating and provides energy for the rest of the day." S.D. 

"The benefit of doing yoga twice a week, for me, is the ability to maintain and improve my flexibility and all the other negative side effects that we all must endure as we age.  Balancing and the strengthening poses, plus the meditation and breathing techniques that we do, are all very conducive to becoming more balanced and confident-especially when I do them more than once per week." R.P.

These students' testimonials are backed up by scientific studies:

One study, entitled "Frequency of a Yoga Practice on Health: Results of a National Survey of Yoga Practitioners" is of interest. Read the research article which studied frequency and benefits of a yoga practice. This was done by National Health Institute and University of Maryland. This just their conclusion. Go to the link above to see the whole study.

"In conclusion, yoga may be a useful intervention for improving health behaviors or life-style-related health conditions. Frequency of home practice appears to be very important—more important than how long an individual has been practicing or how many classes one takes. This emphasizes a simple fact: it is not enough simply to learn how to do healthy behaviors. Rather, healthy behaviors must be incorporated into one’s daily life. While these findings suggest that individuals will only glean benefits from yoga practice that are proportional to the energy they are willing to invest in making it a part of their lives, the findings also suggest that they do not have to practice for years in order to reap the rewards."

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