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Pratyahara- when the mind begins to focus inward; the sense don't draw one away from this inner focus.

FAQs: Would you please talk about the Sanskrit term pratyahara?

Kaliji has previously answered this question much better than I could:

Pratyahara is the fifth limb of Ashtanga Yoga as described by the Sage Patanjali 
Patanjali, sage & grammarian 
about 500 B.C. 

Ashtanga Yoga is the 8-limb path of yoga. Pratyahara means to withdraw the mind from the sense objects, to “make a U-Turn back into the Self.” 

Continually, our minds are pulled to the world by our senses. Pratyahara is the term that reminds us to place our focus where we want it, not to be controlled by any outer force, like a horseman controlling the horse with the gentle discipline of the reins. The yogi controls the power of the senses, then controls the mind.
A yogi applies the wisdom and lives according to the flow instead of giving into the sense pleasures. This does not mean we should not enjoy the beautiful gifts of the world through the senses. But it means we should control our minds by living within the world, but not of the world. We can enjoy creation through the senses but not overuse them; otherwise, we will feel the drain of energy.
For example, when we are full from our meal, we should not allow the sense of taste to make us overeat. If we overeat, we feel tired and lack energy. When in meditation, we should not allow our minds to roam, but rather we should focus it on the desired object of concentration. Then we can feel the heightened energy flow.
Basically, when we follow our inner wisdom, it is the same as applying the skill of pratyahara. That is, we are in the flow . . .

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