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Animals' Health Benefits- Laughter, Calm and More.

In my childhood home we had many animals. Mostly the usual kinds: my brother’s Guinea pigs, a pet rabbit, random fish, birds, and the ever present dogs, and cats. There were also the periodic bummer lambs or calves that failed to nurse, requiring bottle feeding:  farm creatures that passed through our household when my father the veterinarian helped out some farmer who was stretched to the limits and couldn’t manage the neediest of her creatures.
Of all the animals, I felt particular affinity for the cats.
TriYoga teacher Kendra and her purring cat.

There was something about curling up with a purring cat kneading my arm at the end of the day, or waking to the gentle rumble and a paw on the nose reminding me of breakfast time that touched me in ways that the other critters didn’t. No matter the worries of the day I’d find my breath calming as my hand stroked the cat, her purr vibrating into my being.

Today, my husband and I still share our home and garden with several cats, and other random pets that come into our lives in their own ways. Although we have several critters, I’m still most fond of the cats. We don’t have any that like to sit on laps, but they will sit beside us and purr, the gentle rumble vibrating into our beings.

Studies show that having pets and interacting with these creatures that love us unconditionally is good for people. No wonder Goat Yoga classes sell out quickly, and Cat and Dog Yoga is in high demand in areas where it’s offered. People long to be in contact with other creatures, and how can we possibly stay stressed if there’s a goat jumping on our back when in child’s pose, or a dog stretching out beside us on the mat.  

In TriYoga, even without the added creatures in class, I have found similar calm in watching my breath slow, using the complete breath in the kriya, lengthening the exhale in the asana. When I focus on the breath, the calm spreads through my being. Come to one of Kendra's TriYoga classes soon.

TriYoga Instructor Kendra West Williams

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