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Summer is Here

Summer's Here.
July Special  ---8 remaining classes in the next two weeks!

In July, attend three TriYoga Davis classes per week! Read what our students have said about their experience attending multiple classes per week.

"I attend yoga classes 1-2 times a week and do some flows at home other days as my schedule allows. I find that doing yoga more than once a week has many benefits.  My body seems to be stronger, more flexible and I have less “old age” pain.  The flows and breathing improve much more with multiple classes and I more easily am able to transition to a state of well-being.  After nights when sleep has evaded me, a session of yoga is rejuvenating and provides energy for the rest of the day." -from a student in our Tuesday class.

Read what National Institute of Health reports about doing yoga several times per week.

Register here. $108 for the remaining 8 Classes in July. Come to Kamala's, Kendra's and Rose's classes. You'll feel relaxed, strong and flexible all month long. Your mind and spirit will soar.

Notice the relaxation in action, expansion of body and breath and increased vitality with 8 classes in the next two weeks.

For just one class per week, you may pay $43.50 or use the drop-in rate of $18.

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