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Download this Page with Two Sets of Five TriYoga Asana Flows to do everyday.

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TriYoga Teacher Nandi Beecher shares her ideas on TriYoga practice.

Yoga is a perfect trinity of Asana, Pranayama and Mudra. It brings health and vitality.
Often in the West, yoga has come to be understood as postures or exercise. However, the perspective that sees yoga only as exercise misses its essence. The word yoga means “union” reminding us that through the path of yoga, the individual self achieves divine union with the universal Self, a state of supreme understanding and perfect peace.

TriYoga embodies the ancient teachings. TriYoga is a complete system of universal and ageless yoga teachings and it is a very practical path to transformation to health and peace.  TriYoga Flows are a unique fusion of flowing                                                       and sustained postures united with breath and mudra.

Although yoga is far more than just exercise, if viewed as an exercise workout, the TriYoga Flows are ideal. At first, the flows warm-up the body gradually, then deepen into more intense strengthening and stretching poses, followed by a cooling-down period of gentler postures and deep relaxation. Several different levels and series of TriYoga Flows from Basics to subsequent levels allow students of all ages and backgrounds to systematically progress to greater states of fitness, health and relaxation in a safe and therapeutic way.

For the Strong and Flexible: Full Camel Yoga Asana

Child is a relaxing pose for many
Start out easy

Nandi Continues her thoughts...

TriYoga Flows Enhance Quality of Life  The TriYoga Flows will develop and strengthen the mind and body in the following ways, cultivating benefits that greatly enhance the quality of life:

  • Toned muscles in all parts of the body: arms, legs, neck, back, hips, abdomen and chest.
    A strong, flexible and healthy spine: Due to the spinal wavelike movements inherent in the flows, oxygen and nutrients are provided to the mostly avascular intervertebral disc. Posture improves through increased strength, flexibility and attention to alignment.
  • Increased lung capacity: focus on the deep, complete breath improves lung capacity, promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Also improves health and energy through increased blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Relaxation and a sense of well being come through the consistent focus on alignment, flow and breath.
    Breathing practices calm the mind and improve lung capacity
  • Strengthened heart: a strong, steady, deep and slow heartbeat helps build endurance, allowing one to do intense aerobic exercise such as hiking or dancing at a moment’s notice.
  • Flexibility in movements: improves the full range of possible motion in the joints of the body (the entire spine, shoulder, hips, and other joints).
  • Coordination and balance: focus on the flow and balancing postures develops grace, inner calm and serenity. Strength and flexibility increase in both sides of the body equally so that the body can function efficiently and in a balanced way.
  • Rehabilitation and recovery to peak performance: TriYoga Flows excel as post-injury exercise progressing from basic to advanced levels. Yoga is weight-bearing exercise, so it helps prevent osteoporosis. It also benefits those with stress-related conditions and health challenges such as scoliosis, arthritis, and asthma. There is ultimate progress to peak levels of fitness.
  • Energized mind and body: enhances awareness, clarity of thought, ability to make decisions and overall quality of life.

Yoga is the Path to Peace and Tranquility   The ideal exercise program can be achieved through the TriYoga Flows. And just think, with proper focus, concentration and practice, this fitness program can also be the path to perfect peace!

Kim (Nandi) is a doctor of chiropractic and former college anatomy teacher. A long-time student of Yogini Kaliji, she is Assistant Director of TriYoga teacher training and a senior-level instructor. Nandi teaches at the TriYoga Center in Santa Cruz, California and internationally.

Kaliji Shares some Tips for Gaining the Best Benefits from a Yoga Practice.

Q What tips can you provide to students?
Practice, practice, practice. A door of opportunity has opened for you. Keep it open and widen the entrance with regular practice. Yoga should be practiced systematically. Merely saying it is systematic doesn’t make it so. A master yogi understands the necessary steps, the order of the steps, as he/she has traveled that journey ahead of you. The main thing is to begin a short, simple yoga series. Be regular with the practice. Have the mind focused so the practice is internalized. Learn from a teacher who lives yoga as a lifestyle. When the student is ready, the guru will appear.

Q Do you have anything else to share with us?
Know your aim for practicing yoga. Systematically progress the ladder of yoga. Develop a regular practice. When you practice, be present. Make the most of it. Perfect concentration. The yoga tradition is based on transcendental awareness. To realize the atman joined with the paramatman ~ the inner Self as sat-cit-ananda. This is the essence of yoga sadhana. To prepare for this spiritual realization, the body/mind must be disciplined. In the process, health and peace reign in the body/mind for longer intervals. Be well rounded in your yoga practice with yogasana, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, sangita (yoga music). Yoga is more than a class. It is a lifestyle. It is the very essence of Divinity…

Science looks at the Science of the Mind (Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Mudra)- A Short Film

This short film discusses the scientific studies that have been released over the last decade or so.

Science- especially over the last decade- has corroborated what yogis have known for centuries. A regular yoga practice heals us, makes us be our best selves and allows great happiness and a knowing of why we are on this planet.

I just finished watching this marvelous short film highlighting the last decade's progress by the scientific community about the healing benefits of a regular yoga practice. I think you'll really enjoy watching it. It is truly inspirational and I hope you will share it with your friends who haven't yet 'found' the practice of yoga! Especially those who may not have embraced it as a 'legitimate' practice. And watching it may also help inspire your own regular practice. I think it has done so with mine!

Sore Joints? Anti Inflammation Diet is a Mediterranean Diet

Sore joints? A good start to fixing that is an Anti-Inflammation Diet, or The Mediterranean Diet - with some tweaks. Use a wide variety of the freshest foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables, mushrooms and whole grains. Good selections are berries, spinach, bok choy, vegetables from the cabbage family, ginger and legumes/beans, onions and other high-fiber foods.

Healthy fats like olive oil and olives, avocado, nuts and nut butters are important parts of this eating plan. These can provide omega-three fatty acids.

Choose foods across the color spectrum: red, orange, purple, green and blue and yellow. That way you’ll automatically eat the wide variety that can provide all the vitamins, nutrients, phyto-nutrients, fiber and protein.

Fill dinner plates with colorful foods and make half the plate vegetables. The ratio of complex carbohydrate to healthy fat to protein approaches 50%: 30%: 20%.

Drink teas that provide antioxidants and reduce coffee intake.

Eat lots of colorful berries for their water content and anti-oxidant benefits.

If one likes to enjoy alcohol, choose red wine as it’s pigments provide health benefits.          

Eat dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% coco content (not milk chocolate).

Reducing or eliminating processed, refined and manufactured foods and especially reducing the use of flour and sugar puts us well on the way to a healthy diet that can reduce the discomfort of inflammation.

Reduce foods having a high glycemic value, like root vegetables and bananas. Use less salt and more spices.

Experiment for two weeks with eliminating foods from the nightshade family (tomatoes, eggplant, peppers). If inflammation is reduced, these foods can be considered inflammatory. This isn’t true for everyone.

Also try reducing/eliminating daily products for a couple of weeks, as for some individuals, these can also cause inflammation.

If you eat pasta, do so in moderation and eat it al dente or chewy. The longer it takes to convert the carbohydrates to sugar the lower the glycemic index and the longer it takes for the sugars to be absorbed into the blood. This is a good thing.

Reduce the amount of animal products eaten; use vegetable protein like lentils, beans, quinoa.

Give this eating plan a try and see if you feel better in body, mind and spirit! I did!

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