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Kaliji Shares some Tips for Gaining the Best Benefits from a Yoga Practice.

Q What tips can you provide to students?
Practice, practice, practice. A door of opportunity has opened for you. Keep it open and widen the entrance with regular practice. Yoga should be practiced systematically. Merely saying it is systematic doesn’t make it so. A master yogi understands the necessary steps, the order of the steps, as he/she has traveled that journey ahead of you. The main thing is to begin a short, simple yoga series. Be regular with the practice. Have the mind focused so the practice is internalized. Learn from a teacher who lives yoga as a lifestyle. When the student is ready, the guru will appear.

Q Do you have anything else to share with us?
Know your aim for practicing yoga. Systematically progress the ladder of yoga. Develop a regular practice. When you practice, be present. Make the most of it. Perfect concentration. The yoga tradition is based on transcendental awareness. To realize the atman joined with the paramatman ~ the inner Self as sat-cit-ananda. This is the essence of yoga sadhana. To prepare for this spiritual realization, the body/mind must be disciplined. In the process, health and peace reign in the body/mind for longer intervals. Be well rounded in your yoga practice with yogasana, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, sangita (yoga music). Yoga is more than a class. It is a lifestyle. It is the very essence of Divinity…

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