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Spend Time with Family and Friends to Stay Happy and Healthy

Health Benefits from family and friends

The findings underscore just how important friendships are to our health.
Hanging out with friends increases longevity.
Studies are showing that blood pressure, inflammation, body mass index and waist circumference can be reduced due to good time spent regularly with family and friends. So call up your favorite friends and family members and get together right now! Skyping and talking on the phone is just about as healthy as being in person.

Family time can help us be healthy, happy and wise.

The results show people with strong social relationships increased their odds of survival over a certain time period by 50 percent, the researchers say. That's on par with ceasing smoking, and nearly twice as beneficial as physical activity in terms of decreasing your odds of dying early.
Reduce inflammation by having fun with friends and family.
The findings suggest that it is specifically social connections, or the lack of them, that drive certain health effects, and not the other way around, the researchers said. "We have reason to believe that the relationship is strongly likely to be causal — from social [factors] to illness as opposed to the other way around," Yang told Live Science.
Researchers suggested that people should try to evaluate the state of their social connections on a regular basis and work to make them better if needed, or just get together more often to feel better and be healthier!

Five Principles of TriYogaFlow

Something to consider- Use it as a point of concentration during your daily YogaFlow practice!

“Through applying the principles of yogaflow, one begins to feel the life-flow:

Kaliji and Kamala

Extension in all directions expands awareness. 

Relaxation-in-action allows one to maintain balance. 

Rhythm of body and breath tunes one to the inner dance. 

Economy of movement cultivates having only thoughts that are needed. 

Wavelike movements remind us to remain at peace within the pair of opposites.”    

Yogini Kaliji

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