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What to do if you can't make it to class.

SOMETIMES our schedules don't allow us to easily get to class. Never fear! Here are some helpful hints to find a written flow to follow on your own or join the Kali Ray International Yoga Association for $108/year to access video classes with Kaliji and to see demonstrations by senior teachers on the website.

Follow this Daily Five Flow for Hips and Spine: TriYoga Daily 5

Or become a KRIYA member to follow along with the Video Flows on

2019 Yoga Camp was Fun

This summer's Yoga Camp participants experienced a full selection of Purna TriYoga offerings.

Asana Flow
Asana Flow

Asana Flow


    Mudra Flow TY Mudras and Classical Indian Dance Mudras, too!  Taught by Devayani Varna who is hiding behind this participants arm in a mudra.


Free the Hips
And Kirtan
Khara and Catalina Kirtan Singers

Happy Campers!

Why an Anatomy Workshop for TriYoga Flows?

I am so excited to have Harvey Deutch present a Functional Anatomy Workshop for TriYoga Flows. 

My enthusiasm is born from attending a 150-hour Anatomy for Yoga Therapeutics program that Harvey is teaching in San Francisco. That muscles move bones and how they support our asanas is something I have learned and experienced; how the breath focus assists the poses and transitions between them is ingrained in me. So why all the excitement?
Because I'm gaining a depth of understanding that is transformational in experiencing the asanas and the body off the mat. Of course in my TriYoga practice I tune into the soothing, magical feeling of the flow of body and breath and I observe sensations in the body. It is fabulous. And I am seeing that the practice can become more relaxed in the present, quieter, more exciting and really fun.
Knowing exactly what tissues help me get into a pose and knowing how they work to get me into the  next one can enhance the flow for me. Engaging just what is needed is a principal of TriYoga Flows. 'Understanding the mechanism of the breathing muscles is fascinating and of use on and off the mat. This knowledge can be used to deepen and add precision to the journey of my practice.
Understanding how and where the muscles and connective tissue are attached and the mechanism of movement is not only fascinating and full of wonder but so satisfying. I can help my students tune in to the anatomy to enhance their experiences and do that for myself, too. Knowing how the body parts function as a unit allows smoothing out any quirk s or misalignments in the transitions and final asanas.
Come learn more details about the neuromuscular, skeletal and respiration systems of our beautiful bodies. Harvey's sense of humor weaves throughout his presentation making complicated ideas simpler and inspiring us to learn more about our amazing selves.
Join us on Saturday May 11 at Davis Holistic Heath Center. 12:30-4:30pm. Register online.  $108.

AND POST WORKSHOP: Dinner and Kirtan with Tim Jordan at Kamala's Home! Yippee.

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