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Advanced Training & Teacher Training

 Immersion Program Begins in January 2020

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Immerse yourself! 
In this six-month long program, participants will meet one time a week. 
Commit to your yoga sadhana and discover how postures progress across the levels, understand the subtleties of alignment, and begin to master Prana Vidya Basic Level.

This program is an excellent way  to deepen one's understanding of TriYoga. 

Location: Kamala’s Home Studio

Commitment: This 75 hour program over a 6 month period, meets 3 hours per week and it is highly recommended that the three items listed directly below under "Description" be done (The teacher training program includes 28 complimentary hours in one of Kamala's regular classes over the 24 week program).

To get the most benefit from the program it is recommended that participants commit to
    - their own daily practice of at least one hour
     -meet with the group once a week for about 2 hours to practice and review
     -attend at least one regular TriYoga class per week with Kamala 
If one takes advantage of all of the recommendations, this commitment will begin to transform your practice and your life. 

The Basic Level Manual is available from for $108. Purchase it before the program begins. This is not mandatory. 
  • Deepen your practice, your understanding of aspects of TriYoga beyond asana, develop a daily home practice or work toward teacher certification of Basic Level Flows.
  •  As one's understanding of the method deepens, one's life can be transformed.

The Immersion Program is also offered as a Teacher Training Program.
TriYoga Davis offers a certification program of teacher training in conjunction with TriYoga International; this certification is recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Local teacher training programs and classes at TriYoga Davis prepare the student for the certification examinations, which can be completed in Davis or in Santa Cruz, CA.

To attain the level of knowledge necessary to represent the teachings with integrity, attendance at teacher training workshops in Davis or other locations and enrollment in the Internship Program are required. To enter the Teacher Training Program, one must have practiced TriYoga regularly for a minimum of two years and be proficient in understanding and demonstrating the flows.

This 6 month program is only part of the requirements of certification. It takes a much longer period of time (minumum of 150 hours) to have the understanding and knowledge to become a certified TriYoga teacher. Continued training is encouraged and provided in Davis and in a 10-12 month (one weekend a month) program in Santa Cruz at the Kali Ray TriYoga Center there.

Private, semi-private and group classes may be arranged. To accommodate learning styles and scheduling needs, many options are available. For example, one may participate in all of any part of the workshops or ongoing programs in Davis, in Santa Cruz or other TriYoga Centers.

Attending several TriYoga classes each week is advised. Participate in any way that meets your needs and goals.

To learn more about the certification program review the FAQs about the internship and certification at

Email or call Kamala (530) 746 8456 if you have questions after reviewing the document at the above link.

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