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New Locations and some New Class Times----Welcome to TriYoga Davis

What can a beginning yoga student expect from a TriYoga Davis class?

Since we specialize in teaching beginning students, you can come without trepidation or anxiety to TriYoga Davis classes.  Our students tell us they feel safe and supported in class and they like the clear instruction about how to slowly move into each pose. They explain that the quite encouragement they receive gives them confidence that they can relax into a pose easily with the assistance of props, which we supply for use in class. Instructors remind them to modify and to listen to the 'inner teacher', never pushing or straining into a position.

You will learn the deep yogic breath that we do throughout the class which helps one remain present and in a quiet state. The method is a gently flowing, moving form that allows the body to warm up before asanas are held for several deep breaths. The teachers mainly use the English names for poses, though students may learn some Sanskrit words along the way. You will be told how to transition between the poses, so there is no confusion about the asana names or how to get into them. We make it easy for 'first-timers'.

The method systematically builds strength, flexibility, balance and a certain tranquility and students find that with a regular practice their movements in and enjoyment of other activities--from walking to gardening to caring for grand kids and kids--is so much easier.

Since our classes are relatively small, there is lots of room between mats-so you have room to move and spread out without getting too close to your neighbor. We play soothing music quietly to help with the relaxation.

The simple breathing exercises that you will learn, help release tension from muscles and from the mind. You will leave class relaxed, refreshed and with a smiling face!

Wear comfortable, stretchy or loose fitting clothes that allow lots of movement. Bring water if you like to sip during class and a yoga mat if you have one. We do have some mats to borrow for the first several times you join, but it is nice to have your own clean one at some point.

Start with those classes that are named, TriYoga 'Basics' Level.
All are welcome. See you soon. Namaste.

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What is TriYoga?

What are the aspects of TriYoga? Founded by yogini Kali Ray, this systematic method includes the full spectrum of traditional yoga practices. TriYoga's hatha yoga method, TriYoga Flows, is the union of postures, breath, and focus—that is asana, pranayama, and mudra. By the nature of its origin, this practice is deeply meditative, promoting relaxation and inner peace. The method is as therapeutic and gentle or as challenging as desired because the flows are systematized by level. Students may progress from basics to advanced levels increasing their flexibility, strength, endurance, and knowledge of the flows.
These flowing posture sequences, integrated with the controlled breath and focused mind, give profound benefits to those who practice regularly. By bringing these benefits into one's daily life, greater physical, mental, and spiritual prosperity is attained. The music of Mercury Max is integral to TriYoga's meditative and therapeutic environment. Master vocalist, musician, and composer, Mercury is a true Nada Yogi, one whose music heals through the vibration of sound.

TriYoga Flows unite breath and mind with the precise natural alignments of flowing and sustained postures. The flow sequences are systematized by level, ranging from basic to advanced (Basic-Level 5). The student is advised to begin with Basics, building strength, flexibility and endurance, then progressing, when ready, to subsequent levels. Through sustained awareness in the practice, the life energy flows, heals, and transforms.

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